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The Straight Man

"Because we all have a rainbow inside!"


Originally written in 1997 by Richard M. Weiss and A.K. Hinman this hilarious over the top 90’s farce had 3 well received staged readings at the Raw Space on 42nd Street.  Though times have changed Weiss and Hinman feel that similar topics still resinate in today’s world.  Weiss and Hinman’s intent is to celebrate the LGBTQ community growth and the straight community’s acceptance  and how much we all have grown since 1997. 

45 Coffee Dates

In search of my soul-mate through cyberspace and beyond!

Antonia Headshot with Coffee Cups Book C

With her biological clock ticking, thirty-eight year old New Yorker, Rachel Yardley, is propelled into doing something that goes against everything she believes in—Online Dating.

Challenged by her sister’s dare to meet 50 men in three months, Rachel rises to the occasion. While desperately speed dating at Starbucks, she questions her past choices in ex-boyfriends, abandonment/abusive issues with her father and why the only unconditional love she has ever known is with her dog.

Based on Kasper's memoir entitled 45 Coffee Dates, this is Antonia's true life story of not only funny bad dates but her struggle of overcoming an abusive childhood in search of  healthy companionship.


Kasper plans to relaunch the Off Broadway Hit Stripped, a black comedy-jukebox musical for an intended Showcase in 2020.  With 14 cast members, Kasper produced, wrote, directed and sometimes made an appearance as a man playing Vinnie Goldstein, the club manager. Stripped which ran for two years to sold out audiences by only word-of-mouth marketing back in the midst of 9/11-- a most difficult time in 2001.  But the show went on with Kasper manning or should we say womanning the helm of this fun filled, yet thought provoking black comedy.  Stripped topics are still timeless today: exploitation of women, sexual identity, women’s equality, racism and love vs money.

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